The Story of Mother & Daughter Jewellery

Our story

Who are we:

Mother and Daughter is a London based online jewellery boutique selling, unique, high quality and affordable 18ct gold jewellery for women and girls designed by Carla Giess, a native of Brazil who now calls London home. All Carla's jewellery has classic lines with a touch of a Brazilian flair, and made ethically by hand to exacting standards in her family factory in the countryside of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

About the Designer:

With a lifetime in jewellery, Carla Giess, owner and designer, discovered a passion for design at an early age while following her father around their family jewellery factory in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil. For as long as she can remember she was mesmerised by the jewellery designers as they drew from their inspirations to develop their amazing creations, and then watched them being brought to life by the highly skilled jewellers as they sat at their work benches, carefully crafting every curve and setting each stone in place with utmost precision.

After a few years away to go university to study engineering, Carla was drawn back to the family business where she began learning the ropes from the bottom up, eventually working her way up to being the Head of Design. Her work takes her to the key jewellery shows around the world: Vicenza in Italy, Basel in Switzerland, New York, São Paulo and London. It was in London where she eventually settled down and now has two children, the oldest of which is Sofia, the inspiration for Mother and Daughter Jewellery.

The Beginning:

The idea for Mother and Daughter Jewellery began to be formed when Sofia started to sneak into Carla's jewellery box to try her jewellery on to be 'just like Mum'. As 'No' didn't seem to be a word that Sofia grasped very well, one day Carla decided to design a matching necklace set for her and Sofia, under Sofia's critical direction, of course!

Sofia adores her matching Mother and Daughter necklace. She wears it all the time and loves to show it to everyone, especially as she helped design it! People were always commenting on the necklace starting asking where they could get one, and so the idea of Mother and Daughter jewellery began to form. It was actually Sofia at 5 years of age who first asked if her doting parents if they would help her open a jewellery shop! For now though she is settling for helping Mum with her designs.

Mother and Daughter has grown to encompass a select range of designer jewellery collections for the modern woman, inspired by the many influences and experiences in Carla's life, some of which include matching Mother and Daughter jewellery sets and a jewellery line just for Mum featuring a range of little boy and little girl pendants and necklaces.


Brazilians have never been accused of being boring and are known for their use of coloured precious stones and diamonds to bring their designs to life. Carla combines this with her own classic style to create timeless designs with a touch of Brazilian flair, drawing from Brazil's amazing variety of natural precious stones: the deep reds of Rubies and Rhodolite, Citrine with their sunset orange, electrifying greens of Emeralds and Peridot, the rich deep blue of Sapphires to the bright blue of the Blue Topaz, and the beautiful purple of Amethyst. Not to mention iconic white Pearl, once considered to be tears of gods.

Design philosophy:

Carla designs with the philosophy that all women are daughters, and many are mothers, but all lead a hectic, modern lifestyle. They all deserve a bit of luxury, want to be different, and needs things that help simplify their lives. Every Mother and Daughter piece has classic, timeless lines with a touch of a Brazilian flair to stand out from the rest, but are made to be comfortable, practical and flexible so they go just as well with basic jeans or that special dress. One less thing to worry about!

Our promise: Ethics, Quality, Price:

Carla's designs are made in their family factory overseen by her father who has been in the business for over 55 years. They have built their business up by investing in their people and priding themselves on producing the highest quality jewellery. This also means that, as the jewellery is direct from the factory, they are able to offer their designs at amazing prices.

All their jewellery is made from 18ct gold and uses natural precious stones, as anything less is just not fine jewellery. How can, for instance, 9ct 'gold' really be called gold when it only has 37.5% gold in it! (See 'Facts About Gold'). To the Brazilians, 9ct is costume jewellery at best.

All Mother and Daughter's jewellery is made by hand to exacting standards under her father's watchful eye. Being her own family business also means that she is able to guarantee that social responsibility and ethical sourcing forms part of the foundation of the way they do business and are not just marketing buzz words. Even the gift packaging is made from recyclable materials!