About Rhodium

Some quick facts about Rhodium:

Rhodium is a rare hard, and chemically inert transition metal and is generally used in jewellery in either its silvery-white or black form. It is a member of the Platinum group of metals and is one of the rarest and most valuable precious metals. Rhodium is a so-called noble metal, which like gold and platinum, resists chemical action, does not corrode, and is not easily attacked by acids. This also means that, like Mother & Daughter's 18ct Gold, it is a Hypoallergenic and is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

White Rhodium Plating in Jewellery:

Rhodium is extremely hard and durable rated a 6.0 out of a maximum of 10.0 (Diamond) on the Moh's hardness scale. It is the finish of choice for Top End fine jewellery with most high end white gold and platinum jewellery being plated with rhodium. This is because Platinum (3.5 on Moh's scale) and White Gold by (2.5 on Moh's scale) itself is beautiful, but over time the finish can be easily scratched and become very dull. Rhodium is an extremely hard metal and provides a tough protective layer when used to plate platinum or white gold. In addition to adding a protective layer, the rhodium finish beautifies the piece of jewellery as well. Rhodium is highly reflective and it has a beautiful deep lustre that is slightly darker than white gold. The deep dark lustre combined with the high reflection produces an elegant finish that differentiates the high end products from what can be mistaken as stainless steel or silver.

Black Rhodium Plating in Jewellery:

More recently Black Rhodium has become very fashionable and is being used to create truly unique modern designs. We use what is called selective black rhodium plating, which is where only selected parts of a design is black rhodium-plated. We use this technique to highlight certain parts of the design or certain gemstones, like the Black Diamonds and Rubies in the Cosmos collection.