Facts About Gemstones: Diamonds

Learn some quick facts, symbolism, origins and attributed mythology and power of the Diamonds used in the Women's Designer Diamond Jewellery from Mother and Daughter Jewellery:


Quick facts:

  • Colour: There are many colours of diamonds, ranging from colourless (White) to Steel Gray, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Pink to Purple, Brown, Black and with many colours in between. Most diamonds are pale yellow or brown in colour, which is considered the normal colour range. Diamonds that have an intense yellow or brown or are any other colour, such as Mother and Daughter Black Diamond Jewellery, are called Fancy Colour Diamonds. 
  • Hardness: 10 (on Mohs hardness scale, 0 being least resistant and 10 most resistant)
  • Stone family: Diamond
  • Birthstone month: April

Fancy Diamonds:

Most Diamonds used in jewellery are colourless or have a very faint colour. However, coloured Diamonds, known as Fancy Diamonds or Fancies for short, can be extremely rare and valuable, and have been fancy Diamonds. In fact, the most valuable gemstones to date are Fancy Diamonds, with vivid coloured Diamonds fetching more than a million dollars per carat.


The April birth stone, the Diamond, the “king of gems,” is a symbol of perfection and illumination, used to enhance the inner vision and stimulates creativity, imagination, and ingenuity while opening the mind to new possibilities. It has also come to symbolise enduring love.

Origins and legends:

The name Diamond derives from the Greek 'Adamas', meaning unbreakable, and 'Diaphanus', meaning transparent. The Legend is that the God of Mines sent his courtiers to bring him all known gems, which he fused together to combine the beauty of them all in one stone, the Diamond. These origins can be seen today if you expose a diamond to the sun’s rays revealing prisms of light that show the colours of all gems from which it was made.

Mythology and alternative powers:

In modern spirituality Diamonds represent purity, innocence, and relationships filled with love. They are said to inspire creativity, ingenuity, inventiveness, faith and endurance, as well as help to help us resolve problems.

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