How to Balance your Jewellery and your Clothes

The key to looking chic is knowing how to strike the right balance between your clothes and your jewellery so that they compliment one and other.

The rule is pretty simple: A statment piece (Jewellery or Clothes) should to be balanced by simple everything else.

So for instance, if you have a statement necklace on think about using simple earrings and clothes that form a backdrop to accentuate it rather than loading up on your favourite bangles.

Conversely if your clothes are very busy with bright colours you risk looking like a Christmas tree if your reach for your 2ct London Blue Topaz Earrings. Think more delicate pendant on a gold chain with a matching simple earrings.

When you are building your jewellery wardrobe, we would suggest small a mix key versatile Essential Pieces combined with a couple of Statement Pieces that work together in various combinations to pull together the perfect look.

By Carla Giess, M&D Jewellery

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