How to Choose the Perfect Pendant

From the Evil Eye Pendants used as Amulets throughout the centuries to protect the wearer from evil influences, to the breathtaking pieces like the 75.36 carat Briolette diamond fit for Queens, a well chosen pendant is one of the most versatile accessories a woman can own. Going effortlessly from a white T-shirt and jeans, to the office, and with that amazing cocktail dress, they’re one of those essential accessories that can be worn no matter what the season and with a variety of looks. This puts them at the top of the list when searching for the perfect gift for a woman, whether it be that classic White Gold Solitaire Diamond Necklace on a adjustable 45cm gold chain that will suit any occasion and any look:

Solitaire Necklaces

...  to that Statement Piece when you want to get noticed for the right reasons, such as this amazing 18ct Yellow Gold 2.2ct London Blue Topaz & Diamond Oval Necklace:

Statement Necklaces 

How to choose a pendant

Generally people are attracted to a pendant because of its design or its colour (both of the metal and gemstones). However when choosing a pendant to buy there are a few other considerations that you should think about as well before making your final choice.

Think about Pendant size

The world is full of diversity, with an amazing array of body sizes and shapes with people of all ages, which also means that where a pendant might look amazing on one person, it might not be right for everyone. So if a pendant has a small delicate design on a short chain it may not be flattering on a larger person as it accentuates their size, where on the other hand a large statement piece that looks fabulous on them might just look strange or even gaudy on a petite person. Also consider the persons age. An older person may prefer a longer chain so that the pendant does not sit close to the neckline, which may be a part they may not wish to accentuate. One way to avoid this pitfall, and to ensure the pendant is versatile to allow for a variety of looks, is to buy a necklace with an adjustable chain, which is why most Mother and Daughter necklaces come with an adjustable 45cm or 40cm gold chain. 

Consider what the Pendant will be worn with

Will it be a statement piece meant for those very special occasions, or perhaps you want something that really versatile that can be worn with jeans or that little black dress? If it is versatility you are after then choose a more delicate pieces with classic lines that are flexible and can work together with other pieces in order to add that finishing touch that pulls together the perfect look. Making sure it has an adjustable necklace will help this by opening up your options.

The key to a statement piece is a beautiful design, or colours, or both, that make it standout from the rest of your outfit. It could be a very elegant and refined piece, such as our 18ct Rose Gold Diamond Blossom Necklace:

Rose Gold Statement Necklace

..... or command attention though colour using natural gemstones, such as this 18ct White Gold 1.2ct Ruby, Pink Quartz & Diamond Teardrop pendant on an Adjustable 45cm 18ct Gold Box Chain:

CockTail Statement Necklace

The Number 1 rule in choosing a pendant!

When choosing a pendant is it easy to get overwhelmed by the endless designs which can all start to blur together after a while. If this happens don't forget to step back and ask the simple question, is this me (or the person you are buying for)?  Above all there is one rule when choosing a pendant that can't be broken, and that is that it must reflect ones personal style.

By Carla Giess, M&D Jewellery